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potential of our children

Designed to make children more resilient and confident in managing their learning journey through school and life. We improve behaviour and teamwork, raise self- esteem and assist children to communicate positively with others.

What is

Child Whispering® ?

Child Whispering® prepares children to self-regulate, to deal with life challenges and to speak out and ask for help when required. It inspires them to manage their own feelings and adopt a positive approach to mental health. The Child Whispering® approach incorporates British Values; Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect & Tolerance.

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Parenting Workshops

Workshops for Children

Workshops for Pre-School and Nursery Facilitators

Tools and Resources

to Improve Communication

Our services include

About Sandy

Sandy works with head-teachers, teachers, teaching assistants, pre-school and nursery facilitators and directly with children doing what she is passionate about, helping others to understand Child Whispering®. Sandy offers bespoke training sessions, from two hours to a full day with resource packs included. For more information, please complete the contact form and mention which of the services you are interested in.

Our learning tools

This exciting overarching concept uses colour, shape, exciting graphics and characters to communicate key life messages for an inclusive, healthy, happy and successful journey through childhood into adulthood. Child Whispering® A Signpost for Life® “graphic now has 16 meanings called arteries all of which reinforce and support the Government’s British Values criteria in a simple visual format Signpost for Life Page.

Our inspirational

Happy Users

“Sandy Kennedy has the knack of getting through to pupils, teachers and parents. Her approach to enabling teachers to motivate the disaffected is based on extensive successful experience of teaching and pastoral work. Her sensitive and creative ideas will inspire the dispirited and her practical suggestions will bring positive and lasting outcomes.

Peter Downes, Past President of the Secondary Heads Association”

“A wonderful training day, I can't wait to share this with my class. I know that these strategies will help them to grow into happy confident & thoughtful individuals.

Workshop Feedback from Teachers and Teaching Assistants”

“Brilliant. Loads learnt today. Would highly recommend this course to anyone. Really inspirational. The philosophy behind it all is great. The activities were fun and engaging.

Workshop Feedback from Teachers and Teaching Assistants”

“The children will love it. Suitable across all age ranges. Lots of activity ideas complementing our school approach. Excellent for ticking those Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural boxes.

Workshop Feedback from Teachers and Head -Teachers”

“Lots of interesting strategies to use. Thank you & I look forward to sharing with our school. Love the Colourometer to help children to understand how they are feeling.

Workshop Feedback from Teachers and Head -Teachers”

“Very positive training. So many ideas to use within my Learning Mentor position. Our pastoral team will work wonders with these ideas to support our children.

Workshop Feedback from a Learning Mentor”

“Lots of new approaches and information to use in the setting. Useful tools for SEND children. I am very excited about putting Child Whispering into practice.”
“Using the Colourometers for story- time will have a great impact!

Workshop Feedback from Early Years Facilitators”

“I was introduced to Child Whispering through my daughter's School. I was immediately impressed by its accessible format and exciting messages. I had no idea how powerful it could be. I could not have predicted how much it would increase my daughter’s self-confidence and build her self-esteem.

Feedback from Parents”

“The Child Whispering session was excellent and I’ve already been using some of the techniques. The workshop inspired me to come away with my own action plan on how I may be able to behave/react differently in managing my own children's behaviour.

Feedback from Parents”

“By using their Colourometers children have been able to recognise when their own body language and verbal reactions are on RED and as a result can then disarm themselves. Understanding the effect of both positive and negative communication has helped us all to improve behaviour in the classroom.

Year 1 Class Teacher”

“Our Autism Champions Trainer is hugely impressed with the Child Whispering Colourometers and loves all the posters and prompts too.

Nebula Deputy Headteacher responsible for SEND”

“Wow, what an inspirational lady she is. I found her talk very interesting and enjoyed the interactive parts. Some of her stories were quite emotive and it was so clear what a passion she has for Child Whispering. As parents who have chosen the ‘gentle parenting’ approach it is pleasing to hear that this approach appears to continue in school through Child Whispering to some degree. I take great comfort that Spixworth have invested in this programme and can already draw parallels and see the positive impact it is having on my son.

Spixworth Parent quote”

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