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Welcome to my new website. I’m thrilled to be sharing this with you.

I live and breathe Child Whispering® and have worked relentlessly, involving young people in the process, to improve and share the concept with as many children and adults as possible.

Making a healthy difference to both children and adults lives by creating a unique and powerful communication tool has been and still is so rewarding.

Children of today are too often struggling with their emotions, behaviour and mental health. I therefore feel proud to have developed the Child Whispering® Signpost for Life® concept which they can learn from and lean on to help make the correct life choices which will enable them to move forward in their lives.

Each of the 16 meanings/arteries of the Signpost for Life® is equally important. Together they act as a road map in life. However; I believe that one of the most powerful aspects is that there is always someone to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ chat with if a child has a worry or concern. As a result, many children have developed the confidence to disclose a range of worries from minor concerns to much more serious child protection issues and bullying incidents. The concept really does enable children to open up a dialogue in order to support their needs.

I hope you find the content of the website inspiring and stimulating. Please use the contact page to get in touch and to find out more about workshops and training and to spread the Child Whispering® word!


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