The Devastating Effects of Excessive Screen Technology on Children

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As the Creator/Founder of Child Whispering, I am on a mission to raise awareness of the devastating effect too much ‘Screen Culture’ is having on our children and consequently their well-being and behaviour.

It has been medically proven by an expert addiction Doctor that excessive ‘Screen Culture’ can neurologically damage a young person’s brain as in cocaine addiction

Quote “A kid’s brain on technology looks like a brain on drugs”

Because I have become so interested in the subject I recently attended a national conference on ‘Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age’ which was most informative but sadly did not feature the seriousness of Technology Addiction and the effects it’s having on so many children’s lives…and indeed adults!

There is now medical evidence to prove that excessive use of ‘Screen Technology’ can cause ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Aggression and even Psychosis. Poor Mental Health amongst children and young people has become a very serious problem and although some of it is attributed to different types of bullying and Social Media related problems, the missing piece of the jigsaw amongst the Government, ‘Powers that Be’ and indeed parents is the effects of obsessive excessive use of glowing screens.

Another piece of the jigsaw! I believe one of the key factors regarding the totally unacceptable behaviour in so many of our classrooms today is the effects of ‘Screen Culture’ and glowing screens being the root of many of the problems. It has been medically proven that far too many children are not getting the right sort of sleep and are arriving at school Tired but Wired …a phrase used by a Doctor who specialises in children’s sleep problems.

Lastly, across the education sector and on a daily basis children from Early Years Settings to Secondary Schools are living in fear and are anxious about facing the negative atmosphere and appalling and sometimes aggressive & violent behaviour in their settings and classrooms which I believe is so often caused by the fall out effects of ‘Screen Technology! ’Yet another reason for the increase in poor mental health.

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The Devastating Effects of Excessive Use of Screen Technology on Children
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