More About Sandy

Sandy has also been trained by Social Services – a unique opportunity which has enabled her to deal with numerous disclosures from pupils and, in tandem with a social worker, to provide counselling to a group of sexually abused teenagers.
She contributed to the first ever Multi-Agency (head-teachers, teachers, doctors, nurses and social workers) Child Protection Booklet, and has delivered training at Multi- Agency Child Protection and Safeguarding Days.

  • Teacher Training in UK Schools and Universities
  • NUT Conference, London – Emotional Literacy
  • USA, Child-centred Conferences
  • USA and UK, Children’s Summer Camps Staff Training
  • Guest Speaker, National Child Minding Association
  • Lincolnshire and Essex Playworkers Conferences
  • Guest Speaker, Barnardo’s – Diversity and Equality
  • Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Services and Police Service – developed and facilitated training for Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Scheme
  • Sandy has received glowing reviews and positive feedback from all presentations and training sessions. Child Whispering® has been featured in the National Press, ITV Television and BBC News Television and Radio, including featuring in the BBC television programme ‘Inside Out.’

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